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Winter 2011 Issue of the Finger Lakes Sierran

Sierrans Have More Fun!

by Jim Trondsen
Member, Sierra Club Finger Lakes Group Executive Committee

If someone asked you what the motto of Sierra Club is, could you tell them? (Explore, Enjoy and Protect the Planet) Most of us are Sierra Club members because we treasure the gifts our world offers us—clean and healthy living space, beautiful wild places, inspiring views. And we have our hands full trying to Protect these gifts.

But how about the Explore and Enjoy part of the motto? These provide us the inspiration to Protect what is important. Fortunately Sierra Club has been offering environmentally­friendly Explore and Enjoy outings for more than 100 years. Inspired volunteer leaders offer over 300 trips every year. Sierra has been rated as the best adventure travel organization in the world!

I have taken four Sierra National Outings so far and they are among the best experiences of my life. Three were hiking trips in the Navajo Nation in northeast Arizona, and the most recent was a bicycle trip along the Erie Canal in our beautiful New York State. I treasure the people I met on these trips. Sierrans are terrific and it is great to be among them.

There are outings for everyone, at all activity levels, national and international, including service trips. For an enjoyable and fulfilling experience, check them out at