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Earth Day Survey Results

April 22, 2009

Gene Stolfi, Katie Stroman, Robin Stroman, and Jim Trondsen conducted an informal survey at our Sierra Club Finger Lakes Group table at Corning Community College's Earth Day event on Wed., April 22, 2009. Thirty-six folks completed the survey, earning themselves either a Sierra Club tee-shirt, hat, fishing bobber, or window decal. The survey was a great ice-breaker and conversation starter just like it was at last year's event. Robin De Lill Stroman, our FLG Zero Waste Chair, designed the survey and compiled the results.

1. How confident are you that Global Warming is real?

1 2 3 4 5

Very confident . . . . not so sure it’s real

RESULTS: 21 5 5 3 2

2. How worried are you about the harm that human activity is causing the Planet?

1 2 3 4 5

Very worried . . . . not so worried

RESULTS: 19 8 5 2 2

3. Do you think the United States is doing enough to confront the problem?

RESULTS: 33 Yes 3 No

4. Do you think we can reverse Global Warming?

RESULTS: 30 Yes 3 No (1 maybe, 1 don't know, 1 hope so)

5. Do you feel your College/HS education helps you understand your impact on the environment and what you can do to decrease that impact?

RESULTS: 23 Yes 12 No (1 so-so)

6. Is there a need for more environmental education at all levels of schooling?

RESULTS: 35 Yes 0 No (1 no response)

7. Are you changing some of your habits so you create less environmental impact? Check if applicable:


22_Driving less 26 Changed to CFL bulbs 17 Shopping less

33_Recycling 15 Don’t buy “Made in China” 18 Car-pooling more

13 Using public transport. 28 Buying “Green” products 27 Growing own produce