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VOLUNTEERS — Our “Wish List”

This is a time of rapid change… globally, nationally, regionally, and locally. In the face of diminishing resources and population growth, global warming and ever-increasing greenhouse gas emissions, pollution and invasive species threatening our increasingly scarce fresh water… all that needs to be done can feel daunting. The old adage “think globally, act locally” really is the way to make a difference. One step at a time, many small efforts add up to big positive differences made.

Your Sierra Club - Rochester Regional Group (RRG) has a history of making a difference in our local community and regionally. Here are some examples:

• The Project to Protect Washington Grove has removed invasive species and planted native species in this ancient part of Cobbs Hill Park

• Last year’s Environmental Forum initiated a local Transition effort that’s working towards weaning ourselves from fossil fuels and establishing self-reliant local communities

• We are a driving force in the City of Rochester’s adoption of a “Bicycle Boulevards” effort-- to promote safe walking and bicycling in the city as transportation alternatives for short distances, because transportation accounts for 27% of greenhouse gas emissions

• We successfully instituted recycling into Monroe County’s Pick-Up-the-Parks program

• We successfully lobbied our NYS elected officials to pass a Bottle Bill to get millions of plastic bottles off the streets, out of landfills, and into recycling centers

• We spawned the Cool Rochester effort—involving our community in saving money, energy, and the planet

• We worked as part of a successful coalition that recently received a $20K NYS EPA grant to restore Buckland Creek in Brighton

Now, your Sierra Club RRG needs your help. Please consider volunteering with us. You will meet like-minded friends, and share the pride that comes from making a difference in your community. Here are some ways you can help:

• Join the Project to Protect Washington Grove—spend a few hours on a week day or weekend (dates to be announced) helping to restore native species and remove invasive plants in this patch of old-growth hardwood forest at Cobbs Hill Park

• Join our team and help clean up Charlotte Beach at Monroe County’s Pick-Up-the-Parks event, April 9th, 9am-12pm

• Help at our 13th Annual Environmental Forum, the evening of April 21st

• Host a house-party to show the film Gasland and/or sign our “Frack Action” list

• Send us your pictures and stories of your experiences with any of the Great Lakes. Send to our Great Lakes Co-Chair at  for possible submission to the Sierra Club Great Lakes blog ( )

• Contact our Great Lakes Co-Chair (see above) to be put on an e-mail list for Calls to Action for pending Great Lakes legislation that needs citizen advocacy

• Help our Zero Waste Committee’s effort to increase recycling in our area by helping us to go viral—with social media

• Familiar with Google Docs or a similar tool? Use your skills to help set up an online storage system for us

• Help staff our information table at one of many events throughout the year

• Use your creativity to help us spruce up our public events display

• Contact us to explore serving on our Executive Committee

• Attend one of our many Committee meetings—which environmental issue are you passionate about?

• Join us for the next Ecologue newsletter “mailing party” on Sunday, May 28th—really easy and fun!

Call us at (585) 234-1056 to help. We’ll get back to you within a day.
And thank you, members! Your membership alone helps make all of this possible.


Who we are:

The Rochester Regional Group of the Sierra Club is a local volunteer organization that consists of people who care very deeply for their environment.

We love clean air, water, land and want to explore, enjoy and protect the local environment. We want you to think about joining us in our pursuit of these goals. We are currently looking for a variety of people to help us make 2010 a great year for the club.

Environmentalist Christine Sevilla

Almost everyone involved with the environmental movement knew and admired Christine Sevilla for her passionate advocacy and commitment to the cause. She was unique in applying her art, music, and visionary voice to the preservation Roch- ester’s wetlands, parks and wild areas. In fact, Christine threw her whole soul and multiple skills into environmental issues.

To mention just a few in her long list of causes: wetlands, weeds, invasive species, preservation of Hemlock/Canadice wild lands, prevention of dangerous mountain bike riding in public parks, the preserva- tion of Monroe County Parks and transportation alternatives.

Her approach to environmental advocacy was also visionary and unique. She would not only publicly speak up for what she believed but would throw her whole soul and passion into the cause using her multiple talents as a photographer, layout expert, vocalist, educator, organizer and advocate.

A good example of this was her advocacy for wetland preservation. Christine not only actively participated in Sierra Club’s Wetland Committee and attended several of our wetland hikes - she went much further by applying her high level talents as a photographer and her knowledge of publication design, print layout and production to turn out two beautifully finished photo books which advocated for wetlands.

She saw splendor where others did not and she shared her vision with us through her unique photographs which penetrated and revealed the deep beauty of wetlands. Christine recognized wetlands are some of the most valuable and threatened environmental areas. Wetlands in older days were considered useless swamps and waste- land, and even today some governments and developers still consider them moveable impediments to profit. Christine fought this idea in every way she knew.

A good way to remember and affirm Christine Sevilla’s life is to give generously to the memorial fund which is being established in her memory.

 These funds can be sent to: Genesee Land Trust, 500 East Ave, Suite 200, Rochester, NY 14607. Mark checks: Memory of Christine Sevilla.