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2013 Forum

Biking Rochester Traffic Class

A biking class on how to prepare to commute by bicycle and using your bicycle for utilitarian purposes

This bike course is Free and Open to the Public, though we ask that you send us an application to reserve a spot.  Thirty-size class limit.
 All applications must be received by email 5/19 or USPO post marked by 5/17. Richard DeSarra [ ]  

Biking in RochesterWhen: Thursday, May 21st, 7PM - 9PM

Where: Genesee Waterways Center, 149 Elmwood Avenue, Rochester, NY 14611 (585) 328-3960 


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Please fill in the application below (Click on "Application"), and send to Richard DeSarra by May 11, 2009 .


  • Confirmation will be e-mailed

Sponsored by the Rochester Bicycling Club and the Rochester Regional Group of the Sierra Club.

 Bike Course will be presented by:
  • Richard DeSarra is a Board member of Rochester Bicycling Club and New York Bicycling Coalition. He has used his bicycle for utilitarian purposes when he started commuting to work in 1979. He has 15 years of commuting experience with seven and one-half of those years commuting year round in Rochester. He is a certified Effective Cycling Instructor of the League of American Bicyclists.  

  • Greg Buzulencia  - Greg fell in love with bike riding during college and has been riding around 3-4,000 miles a year for the past 7 years.  After college he started using his bike for commuting to both work and errands and has done so on a daily basis for the past 3 years.  Greg also enjoys bike touring and has traveled to Vermont, the Adirondacks and the Southern Tier several times by bicycle as well as numerous other bicycle tours.  Greg currently works as the Director of Events and Timing at Fleet Feet Sports in Brighton. 

  • Frank J. Regan – Frank is Conservation Chairperson of the Rochester Regional Group of the Sierra Club.  Frank has lead and created several of the Rochester Sierra Club’s conservation efforts, including the Transportation Committee.  Curbing Global Warming at the local level is a primary mission of the Sierra Club and increasing modes of transportation in the Rochester area that do not use fossil fuels fits neatly into this goal.  Frank has bike extensively as a recreational bike, as a kid in the Adirondacks (those hills with only one gear) and for a couple of decades on the myriad of trails networking our county.  Now, with retirement, Frank wants to reduce his carbon footprint, lose a car, and bike to where he wants to go—safely.    


Bike Course Agenda

  • Introduction "Why you should be Cycling in Rochester--again."
  • Planning your Route
  • Selecting a bicycle and equipment (you & your bike)
  • Riding safely
  • Riding techniques (day/night, rain, snow, cold, heat)
  • Workplace accommodations
  • Backup systems (if you need help)
At the class we will have material for you:
  1. Samples of referral material            
  2. Trails Guide (GRTC)            
  3. Canal Trail –            
  4. GRT – City of Rochester