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May/Aug 2007
Explore, enjoy and protect the planet
Susquehanna Group

Everyone interested is welcome at all Sierra Club activities, whether or not a member (except for Executive Committee meetings). However, occasionally activities get canceled, and some require reservations, or appropriate clothing or physical stamina for outdoor activities. Therefore, please check with the listed contact person(s) in advance. Note that, for many activities, we meet at the designated time and place and then travel together to the real destination.

General Meetings: These are held at 7:30 pm on the third Tuesday of each month, except July and August. They are held at Central United Methodist Church, 17 Nanticoke Ave., Endicott, NY (it is on Route 26 - from Route 17, follow 26 n. to Endicott, w. on E. Main, n. on Nanticoke). The public is welcome and refreshments are served following the meeting. Contact Jack Davis, 570-553-2081, or Scott Lauffer, 341-3746, for further information.

Note, in May we will be holding our regularly scheduled meeting on the 4th Tuesday of the month and having an outing on the 3rd Tuesday, see below.
Tuesday, May 15 - Tour at Binghamton-Johnson City Joint Sewage Treatment Plant 6:30 PM  - Meet at the plant, 4480 Old Vestal Road, Vestal, near the Rt 201 bridge. The primary  interest we have with this visit is the protection of the Susquehanna River. We toured the plant a year ago, shortly after they had started a major upgrade, which was delayed after the flood in June. They will be in an initial test phase for the upgrade at the time we visit. Acting Plant Superintendent Cathy Aingworth says they are implementing an exciting biological aerated filter (BAF) system. They have also increased their capacity, can now handle up to 35 million gallons per day over a monthly period (during rainy season). The plant also produces treated sludge as a by-product which gets sent to the Broome County Landfill. Cathy is interested in educating the public on how the treatment plant can effectively operate. Contact Scott Lauffer or Kathy Cronin, 648-6240

Tuesday, May 22
Potluck Dinner 6:30 PM
As we have done in the past, we ask attendees to bring a dish (including an ingredient list) and do their best to make it locally grown, organic, vegetarian, vegan, and/or purchased at a natural food store. Bring your own placesetting and drink of preference, coffee and hot water (for tea/hot chocolate) provided.  These potluck dinners have been very successful and offer plenty of good nutritious eating, hope to see you there!
General Meeting to follow at   7:30 PM
May 22 – Choosing Local and Organic Foods
Sue Heavenrich
Sue will speak on what organic farming is, and why it is better for the environment, but then explain why buying organic produce from California may be worse than buying locally grown (organic or not). She will look at: environmental issues (use of inputs & energy required to transport) and economic issues such as keeping local rural economies strong.  This also touches on some "homeland security" issues such as "food security" and the issue of "outsourcing".
Sue has 20 + years of organic gardening experience. She has been Sludge Information Coordinator for many years for New York Organic Farmers Association (NOFA), and has written about organic agriculture for over 20 years.   (BS University of Utah in Biology, MS in Biology (studied bugs) University of Colorado).

Saturday, May 26
Bird Hike in BU Nature Preserve 8 – 11 AM.  meet at the top of Lot M at the University, which is up by Susquehanna Community – there  are signs to both as one comes up the central drive.  This will be a joint hike with the Naturalists Club. Julian Shepherd,  772-9327,

Saturday, June 16 9AM - Woodbourne Forest is a 600-acre conservation area that has a beautiful wetland, and huge old growth trees in  Susquehanna County, Pa.  After a walk through the site, we could stop for lunch in Montrose, and those interested could continue to Salt Springs State Park.  There are several trails possible, from a walk along the creek or up to the summit.  Meet at the Vestal Library.
Jack Davis 570-553-2081.

Tuesday, June 19 - "The Power of Community – How Cuba Survived Peak Oil"   Showing of a documentary on Cuba's transition from large farms or plantations and reliance on fossil-fuel-based pesticides and fertilizers, to small organic farms and urban gardens. Cuba was undergoing a transition from a highly industrial society to a sustainable one. The goals of this film are to give hope to the developed world as it wakes up to the consequences of being hooked on oil, and to lift American's prejudice of Cuba by showing the Cuban people as they are.

Saturday, July 21 - Exploratory  Hike to a Natural Area, 9 AM -  1:30PM meet behind Denny's at Northgate Plaza. It will be a natural area that is part of the Broome County Inventory.
Julian Shepherd,  772-9327,

Quotes from Recent Events:

Step it Up, April 14, Oneonta, staffed by Harry Barnes
“The Sierra Club is a very important force in the environmental movement and I am so glad you were there to.  Also, thanks for having the human population tape and the easel for people to write their solutions.” - Colleen Blacklock, Step It Up Oneonta Committee                             

Earth Fest, April 28, BCC – Quotes from Kathy Cronin, as she staffed the Sierra Club table. “People are paying more attention to global warming. They believe it’s really happening and we humans are impacting it.” Also, “One action the Sierra Club encourages people to undertake is dialogue with their political representatives.”

This page last updated December 22, 2007